Marcela Cote, founder of Kata Active, is determined to make fitness and wellbeing accessible to all women, no matter what stage you are in your fitness journey. 

Growing up in south Florida where she and her family immigrated from Guatemala, Marcela is no stranger to hard work and sheer determination. She watched her mother juggle multiple jobs and make immense sacrifices to give her and her little brother a promising future in the states. Marcela started her fitness journey in high school where she ran track and cross country, after that she began to explore weightlifting but unfortunately the pandemic hit in 2020. This resulted in a mass shutdown of gyms but that did not stop her. She started recording and sharing her home workouts on youtube where she has amassed a following of 600,000 baddies.

We hope that Kata Active will inspire you to discover your potential by building your confidence without sacrificing comfort. We believe that no matter your age, ethnicity, or where you are in your fitness journey, you should be able to feel your best. 

Kata was created to bring you stylish and functional activewear, inside and outside of the gym. We thank you for your support, and your help in building this beautiful community. 

CelaMarr x Kata Active XOXO